clutter can sneak up on you,
zapping your time, energy and space.

I'm here to take the daunting task of pulling out your stuff, letting go of the excess, and creating streamlined spaces... a heck of a lot faster & easier for you.

hello, i'm melody granger! clients, mentors, media, friends and family have called me many things - spatial expert, professional organizer, productivity specialist, letting go motivator, purging party enthusiast, get it done master, stress reliever, and so on...

I like to help people live a lighter, brighter, easier way of life. And, once you have everything neat, orderly and organized, then you can be a super productive soul.

personally, i live by the rule that if it isn't pretty damn easy to get to, then it won't be easy to put away. The solution to that problem is to let go & arrange items in a way that's easy to find, easy to access and easy to put away.

you're welcome to send me a personal message about what you're up to & why it's so important to get this done - melodygng at yahoo (dot) com.
ex: prepping home to sell & need it to sell quickly! Plus, I don't want to take all this stuff into our new home; remodeling/updating & the stuff is everywhere!; just cleaning out for the next phase of my life; papers are taking over my life

“JumpStart Your Productivity” PDF E-Book

Are you the type of person who prefers to “do things when you feel like it?” vs committing to doing something on a certain day or time? And, often putting it off until later.

You probably don’t like committing to many things because you may not feel like it when the day comes.

If you a “do it when you feel like it” type person, then you’re highly likely to enjoy this method of prioritizing your to-do lists so you’re being productive. 

In this e-book, the guidance provided incorporates years of successfully working privately with others, as well as, my personal success of making my “do it when I feel like it” traits work for me.

The prompts you’ll use to prioritize and increase your momentum come directly from the popular “JumpStart Your Productivity: Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month!” 7-Day Intensive Group Program I hosted for several years.  

The participants came back again and again because they truly got more done in ONE week than they had ALL month (and, for many ALL year!) using these techniques. 

These prioritizing strategies will fit right in with your “do it when you feel like it” personality style. It was created and written with your personality in mind.


Buy Now: $9.99

PDF E-book delivered to your email. You can read it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Or, if you prefer paper, then print it out. Grab a highlighter and enjoy accomplishing more in less time!

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