For good spirited people who appreciate the gift of life, who want more freedom by embracing their next level of minimalism, and who understand that higher functioning productivity happens with a combo of great attitudes, having the flexibility for more spontaneity, and not letting excess stuff or disorder cramp their style.

Welcome to "The streamlined lifestyle"

Warning: not to scare you, but be prepared to get addicted to letting go - you are about to make your friends and families heads turn

Once we get the ball rolling, i have a feeling you won't be able to stop. I bet you're going to love, love, love it!!! Especially with all you're up to.


One of the most incredible ways to lift a person’s spirits is to focus on lifting the spirits of their home: like painting, updating, and deep cleaning it. A crisp clean, streamlined home can be felt by your senses. You’ll instantly notice how YOU feel significantly more vibrant, joyful, proud, confident, clear minded, focused and productive. I’m sure you can add more practical positive benefits to that list. Go ahead!

BUT, even if you ONLY declutter & dust – the tiniest amounts at a time – YOU have started getting yourself back on track with how you want to live your life.

{Learn how to get rid of clutter here.}

Hi, I’m Melody Granger, a Streamlining, Productivity & Organizing Specialist. For the past 15+ years I’ve worked in the Professional Organizing Home Industry, Real Estate Industry (Streamlining Homes to SELL) + Corporate Industry. I have strong visual spatial skills, understand the art of arranging things in a way that is easy to get to and easy to put away, and I place a high value on being able to smoothly get things done – especially when it’s time to move fast. Being streamlined is a gift that you give yourself. And, if you’re prepping a home for sale, your potential new owners dream of a Streamlined Lifestyle – so let’s sell it to them!

My clients are from around the world: UK, Switzerland, Alaska, California, New York, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Illinois, and more!  If you aren’t local to the Shreveport, Louisiana area, then technology allows me to meet with you via phone and LIVE face video to guide you through the process of streamlining your home (let it go, let it go!), arranging items in a way that works for you and your specific space, plus set up systems – pile or file – to keep your personal or professional office highly functional. You’ve GOT THIS.

Your home has so much influence over how you interact with life – from the health of your nervous system to embracing more freedom to live a lighter, brighter, easier way of life. 

Prepare to get addicted to letting go!

I help those who are ready to team up over several weeks or several months to become more minimalistic so they can more confidently move into the next phase of life… with all the important things in order, plus lots of crisp, clean good-spirited space to work, sleep or play.  

If you have a “piled up or messy” project you think I’d be interested in, please tell me more! You may also request a complementary 30 minute Streamlining Strategy Session to receive a tip or two you can implement immediately on your own.


“JumpStart Your Productivity” PDF E-Book

Do you like to “do things when YOU feel like it?”

If so, you’ll enjoy this take on prioritizing to-do lists and increasing your productivity. The guidance provided is based on years of working privately with others and having my own “do it when I feel like it” issues.

The prompts you’ll use to prioritize and increase your momentum come directly from the popular “JumpStart Your Productivity: Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month!” 7-Day Intensive Group Program I hosted for several years.  

The participants came back again and again because they truly got more done in ONE week than they had ALL month (and, for many ALL year!) using these techniques. 

These prioritizing strategies will fit right in with your “do it when you feel like it” personality style. It was created and written with your personality in mind.


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PDF E-book delivered to your email. You can read it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Or, if you prefer paper, then print it out. Grab a highlighter and enjoy accomplishing more in less time!

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