Your potential buyers are dreaming of a lighter, brighter, easier way of life – The Streamlined Lifestyle. Let’s sell it to them.

I hear these type of statements from sellers...

“The realtor will be coming for an initial viewing with a designer to tell me what furniture stays, and the things to do before putting my home on the market in one month. I still have to clean out the entire house. Help!”

“i’ve been watching you tube videos on how to stage a home, and I have questions about things in my home to keep or remove.”

“My realtor will be here in 2 days to take photos and I’m not ready. how do I make the decluttering process faster and less overwhelming?”

“My realtor said to remove all personal photos, to depersonalize the house. Everything’s personal, so how do I choose what to remove?”

“My realtor said to declutter, depersonalize and pre-pack items, and that it’s okay to keep the boxes in the garage, but not inside the house.”

“I read an article that said adding fresh flowers and the “baking cookies” scent gives buyers a pleasant sensory experience…is that all it takes to sell my home?  Ha!!”

“Buying a new home in an area of town I really love is contingent on selling this home first. I’ve already found 2 homes, but they sold. I may need help in the decluttering area. I’m not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have stuffy closets and cabinets.”

“I need to clean out a lot of stuff. I don’t want to take all this stuff into my new home. Neither does my family. We’re so excited. I want the new home to be a fresh start.”

“My realtor said my neighborhood is a hot market right now. I’ve always known I’d eventually move, and now is the time to prep my home to sale.”

“A realtor I visited with in the doctor’s clinic said my neighborhood has hit its peak and to get out now to recoup my investment and receive the highest profit margin. I was a bit surprised and am considering the financial advantage of selling now.”

“I don’t think my realtor is doing enough to sale my home, I don’t see the marketing efforts.”

“My home has been on the market for over 6 months. I moved out thinking it would sale faster if it was empty. I hired a Stager. It’s been ANOTHER 6 months and it still hasn’t sold. I’m moving back in, but I still want to show my home while I’m living there.”

“My new home may not be completed before putting this home on the market. We want to wait to put our house on the market until we are able to move out. I’ll probably stage it once we move out. My family wants to put it on the market while we are living there. How could we best prep for selling the home while living there?” 

“We’re planning our retirement years and will be moving in 3 years, downsizing. I want to start getting our home ready to sale. I know we have to start letting go, cleaning out and updating now, preferably with your help.”

“I’m traveling back and forth long distance across the US for my new position. My family will be following me once our home is on the market and sold. What advice would you give us to prep the home for a quicker sale?”

give yourself a fighting chance of selling your home quickly by being in the competition using "streamlining strategies to sell your home."

Welcome to “Streamlining Strategies to Sell Your Home.”

The goal is to have the buyer inspired and thinking… “I could definitely live here!”

Clutter doesn’t inspire. That’s why the #1 recommendation you always hear for prepping a home to sell is “declutter, declutter, declutter”.  

Hi, I’m Melody Granger, a Streamlining & Organizing Specialist. For the past 10+ years I’ve worked in the Professional Organizing industry.  I am also contracted with a National Relocation company who provides full service relocation services for Corporations who are transferring upper level management across the states.  I declutter the home with the home owner before it goes on the market (loading/hauling donations; hiring muscle as needed), and/or before the packing & moving company arrives.

When you’re living in your home while it’s on the market – and you don’t want it sitting on the market too long, risking price reductions – clutter blocks and detracts from the overall spaciousness and visual appeal of your home. Although your home’s value isn’t technically decreasing, the potential buyer can feel deflated, instead of elated. The offers can be non-existent or lower than anticipated.

Excited, elated buyers take action faster to seal a deal, which can potentially gain a higher than asking offer when multiple buyers want your home.

Let’s make the potential buyer toss & turn at night thinking about the potential of living in your (their!) home. And, get your home sold so you can move on to your next adventure.

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****If you’re a Real Estate Agent, JOIN your colleagues in sending excited, good natured clients my way for help decluttering and Streamlining to Sell. Virtual sessions, guidance & interactive group programs are available across the US.  Local clients near Shreveport and in parts of South Louisiana can receive in-person services depending on availability.**** 


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