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Stuff Zapping Your Energy?

You have beautiful things. Used things. Old things. New things. Too much of some things. Outgrown things. Trendy stylish things. Outdated things. Wrong sized things. Nice try things. Good intentions to use things. Not-your-style things. Lost things. Uncool worn out things. 

Come on, let’s get your home cleaned out so it resonates with what you want your life to be like.  

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Selling Your Home?

Congratulations on your move! There are a lot of things you need to get done, like go thru all your stuff! You definitely aren’t taking it all with you into your new home. 

I have the professional organizing skills to not only help you declutter and get organized, but to also help you significantly increase the perceived value of your home, so you hook a buyer faster. 

Learn more about “Streamlining Strategies to Sell Your Home.”

To Do Piles Piling Up?

You get busy, run out of time or energy, and more often than not you tidy the office area, so it looks better on the surface.

You are able to work well in spurts, however, you aren’t accomplishing enough to make a significant difference in your life.

Join me to learn prioritizing techniques to complete more in one week than you have all month! 

Learn more about “JumpStart Your Productivity!” 5 Day Intensive.

Melody Granger
Hello, I'm Melody Granger, spatial expert & professional organizer

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"JumpStart Your Productivity: Get More Done IN One week than you have all month" 5 Day intensive

your home environment influences how you interact with life.

whether you work from home or are selling a home, I'm thrilled you are here!
i mix visual spatial skills and high sensory with logic to create systems that work for you!
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