TIPs for letting go:
keep your absolute favorite items, and pass on excess items for someone else to enjoy

give appreciation for items that served you, and send them out to help someone else

find your sweet spot of how much clear surface space you need in each area to feel calm, in control, and supports your spontaneous-natured personality

give yourself permission to let go of items that
are no longer your style - if you don't like it...pass it on!!!!!!!!!




{Learn how to get rid of clutter here.}



“JumpStart Your Productivity” PDF E-Book

Do you like to “do things when YOU feel like it?”

If so, you’ll enjoy this take on prioritizing to-do lists and increasing your productivity. The guidance provided is based on years of working privately with others and having my own “do it when I feel like it” issues.

The prompts you’ll use to prioritize and increase your momentum come directly from the popular “JumpStart Your Productivity: Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month!” 7-Day Intensive Group Program I hosted for several years.  

The participants came back again and again because they truly got more done in ONE week than they had ALL month (and, for many ALL year!) using these techniques. 

These prioritizing strategies will fit right in with your “do it when you feel like it” personality style. It was created and written with your personality in mind.


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PDF E-book delivered to your email. You can read it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Or, if you prefer paper, then print it out. Grab a highlighter and enjoy accomplishing more in less time!

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