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the streamlined lifestyle™

professional organizer help for
-freshening up the place
-prepping your home to sell on the market
-productively tackling the mixed up piles of papers.

Your Home:
Stuff Zapping Your Energy?

You have beautiful things. Used things. Old things. New things. Too much of some things. Outgrown things. Trendy stylish things. Outdated things. Wrong sized things. Nice try things. Good intentions to use things. Not-your-style things. Lost things. Uncool worn out things. 

Come on, let’s get your home cleaned out so it’s genuinely Oh-SO-YOU!

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Real Estate:
Selling Your Home?

Congratulations on your move! There are a lot of things you need to get done, like go thru all your stuff! You definitely aren’t taking it all with you into your new home. 

I have the professional organizing skills to not only help you declutter and get organized, but to also help you significantly increase the perceived value of your home, so you hook a buyer faster. 

Learn more about “Streamlining Strategies to Sell Your Home.”

Paper Piles Piling Up?

You get busy, run out of time or energy, and more often than not you tidy the office area, so it looks better on the surface.

You are able to work well in spurts, however, you aren’t accomplishing enough to make a significant difference in your life. The office space is becoming a mixed up jumble of disorganization. Help!

Ask about private online guidance session availability   Or you can join me to learn prioritizing techniques to complete more in one week than you have all month! 

It’s for tackling papers + getting other super important tasks accomplished!

Learn more about “JumpStart Your Productivity!” 7 Day Intensive.

Melody Granger
Melody Granger
Hello, I'm Melody Granger, Spatial Expert & Professional Organizer

I combine lifestyle dreams, decluttering techniques, and my home-industry-real-estate love to help you accomplish goals you want to achieve - in less time & with more expertise - faster, than doing it alone. You don't move forward in stagnation or with too much stuff. It can hold you back.

I'm not an interior designer. However, by purging, you are designing a life you love. You're probably a lover of convenience and ease. Flexibility and spontaneity. Do things when you feel like it. And, a home that is easy to clean, spacious, mostly organized and of course, allows you to enjoy a more productive life. People like you, that take this seriously, end up having a home where the most beautiful messes live. It's not always easy to maintain it, but it's certainly possible to get there and keep it freshened up as often as needed. YOu'll know when it's time to put a call into me, because you'll start to feel frustrated and impatient. Or a bit angry or cray-cray. I hear ya!

The Streamlined Lifestyle™
The Well-Organized Entrepreneur

CREATOR OF E-Books and Exclusive Online Programs Titled:
"JumpStart Your Productivity: Get More Done IN One Week Than You Have All Month" 7 Day Intensive
Clear Your Closets, Energize Your Life: 6 Week Online Program with Private Coaching

Personal Message for You:
Your home environment influences how you interact with life. For example: Love it, love life! or Easy to get to, easy to put away! or When you don't have time to mess around, a messy home will frustrate + slow you down.

In order to achieve The Streamlined Lifestyle the first rule is to live within your boundaries. Cramped or overflowing spaces are a Big FAT No-No! No worries, I'll guide you thru the process. Your visual sensory system and your nervous system will thank you IMMEDIATELY.

Whether you work from home or are selling a home, I'm thrilled you are here!
I mix visual spatial skills, personality styles, and logic to create systems that work for Y-O-U.