Start living your new lifestyle.

Do you want to be the next person that gets so much RELIEF in your body, ease in your days and enthusiasm to do more of the things that are important to you?

Hi, I’m Melody Granger, Professional Organizer. Welcome to your new lifestyle… The Streamlined Lifestyle.

My clients are making changes in their lives and in their homes. Or they are moving! The type of services I provide are:

  1. Prep Your Home To Sale So It Doesn’t Sit On The Market, Making You the Competition, and Inspiring New Homeowner to Buy
  2. The Well-Organized Entrepreneur: Prep Your Home Office with Systems for High Efficiency, Productivity, and Space for Thinking Clearly, So You Routinely Manage Your Responsibilities, You Are Good-Spirited Professional, and You Are Enthusiastic About Making A Living Doing What You Love.
  3. Hostess of the “Purging Party”: Free Decluttering Tips, Advice, How-To and More! To be notified of the next LIVE Purging Party, request an invite.

Any size home. Any decorative style. Your personality will shine through when we’re done.

If I knocked on your door today, you may not answer. But if you were expecting me, you’d be prepared and let me in.

I’d say “Your home is BEAUTIFUL!”

You’d give me a moment to oohhh & ahh. Then I’d ask “Where’s it at?”

You’d start explaining how things came to be like they are. You’d tell me why you want the “ugh” areas cleaned out. Life’s been happening, things keep changing, and you’re ready to finish what you’ve started.

Maybe you’ve recently moved…a day, a year, or 3 years ago.

You have to get settled in and create your new creature habits in this home before you know exactly how to organize things.

You can definitely decide what’s a keeper or tosser…for the most part…but you have to look at every item. You stop when you get tired or have an obligation you need to tend to.

You PROMISE you toss and donate. But, it’s just not coming together fast enough. Jeez…will it ever get done? Sigh.

More time keeps passing by… another day.

Another week.

Another month.

Another year.

Want to chat about the areas you’d most love to get accomplished? Tell me more!

Perhaps, you’re beginning or ending an updating or remodeling project.

Or you’re in the midst of the remodeling storm, where all your stuff is shoved, stacked or scattered throughout your house. There truly doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY all that stuff will even fit back into the space being remodeled.

Plus, there’s NO WAY you’d dare put all that crap back into your life. Heck-to-the-NO.

You’d hide it first…In a hole in the back yard!

I love remodels, updating and have my own fixer upper experiences.

Maybe you need to put your house on the market, while you’re living in it.

The faster you make the sale, the less marketing money you spend and the less pressure you have of needing to keep it “show ready”.

When we work together to “Get Your Home Prepped for the Sale”, you’ll receive multiple benefits:

1. Your cabinets and closets will be expertly streamlined to an exact formula that appeals to a variety of new homeowners (yes! I have a formula.)

2. You’ll be better prepared to show your home at a moment’s notice, without too much fuss.

3. You won’t be taking unnecessary items to your new home, which saves on moving costs.

4. You’ll have an advantage over homeowners who aren’t streamlining their homes for the potential purchases appeal. (It’s not about YOU anymore. It’s about them.)

5. You’ll be receiving guidance from someone (that’s me!) that has sold her home in ONE day. Then the next one, in TWO weeks.

6. You’ll receive the expertise and experience of a private contractor of a National Relocation Company who is privy to the backside and inside of the housing industry. (that’s me!)

*Of course, market conditions, home condition and the correct pre-qualified leads are important, too.

You’ve got competition.

I can help you implement “Streamlining Strategies to Sale Your Home” … Like you’re selling for top dollar.