What is the difference between being “Streamlined” and being a “Minimalist”

The very first question I was asked when I changed my business name from “The Well Organized Entrepreneur” to “The Streamlined Lifestyle” is…. “what does that mean?”

Kind of like a minimalist. At least, being more minimalistic vs having too much stuff in a space – where it drives you crazy and makes you frustrated.

However, a TRUE MINIMALIST could better be described as a person who believes in experiencing life, rather than experiencing “life with lots of personal belongings”.

Minimalists find ways to reduce, reduce, reduce.

Reduce costs on daily living expenses.

Reduce time spent on activities that aren’t important to them, or chores that don’t have to exist.

Reduce the amount of physical items they own.

Since hard-core minimalist believe that life should be lived as an experience, they may invest their time, energy, and money going places vs purchasing things. You can research minimalism for all the different reasons and ways a minimalists live.

To explain being “Streamlined”, think of being highly efficient. Not wasting money on a bunch of stuff – even if you love shopping, you spend wisely more often than not.

The other end of the spectrum is hoarding. (See Below: The Spectrum Perspective Chart)

As far as I understand, the majority of people with consistent income land in the AVERAGE category.

You decide where you land on the spectrum. You can land in one of multiple ranges in between 2 of the broad categories below. I’d love to hear which side of a category most describes you – and which direction you’d rather grow.

I primarily work with people who land somewhere left or right of the “Average” range, with the goal to start living “The Streamlined Lifestyle.”

If you often catch yourself saying something along the lines of:

“I’m becoming more minimalist.”

“I’m sick of all the stuff I have.”

“I have to get this stuff organized.”

“I’m about to throw everything away!’

“I need more space…”

Then… you may simply need to have a good old fashioned purging party first.

Let’s chat.


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