Are you selling homes?

No, I do not sell homes. I provide services to help prepare the home for sale to be “show ready” by helping in the decluttering process + making the closets, cabinets, rooms neat, tidy, organized, spacious and appealing to your potential buyers. Compete by selling the buyer “The Streamlined Lifestyle” that’s possible in your home.

Do you Stage homes?

In a sense, I do help stage homes for sale. I help you declutter personal belongings, get them to donation places, neatly and beautifully arrange items you are keeping into closets/cabinets/shelving and/or designate items you are keeping, but can be pre-packed. There is usually a team of people who help guide you on what to do to inspire your buyers to select your home to purchase. This team can consist of one or more of the following: Real Estate Agent, Interior Designer, Stager, Professional Organizer, Relocation Company, Painters, House Washers, Repair Specialists, Landscapers, Lawn Care and more!

Do you work with people who will not be living in their homes while it is on the market?

Yes. If you’d like help purging before moving, I can help you clean out areas and get donations donated, so you have less to pack/ship + you will only take your favorite things into your new home. You won’t have to deal with extra unpacking of excess items you no longer want or need upon arrival to your new home! I would come in to work with you before the moving/packing company arrives to haul/ship your belongings to your new home.

Do you have a pricing list?

I have service packages vs a pricing list. You can request a package list after an initial interview. The packages range from $325 to $2500 – the scope of the work to be done is a factor. The difference in packages account for number of sessions you prefer (I can help you figure out how many you need based on some answers to questions I’ll ask you.); and, potentially products that will be purchased for your job. Some people simply want help cleaning out areas and removal of donation items, while others want the full service which often includes organizing products to make storage spaces neat + functional.

Question: I won’t be living in my home and want it Staged. Do you Stage homes?

No. A Stager is a professional who creates settings of furniture, artwork, and minimal pieces to show off your homes potential. Furniture stores display staged settings. You can probably find a Professional Stager by contacting a furniture store. In many cases, you would rent furniture and/or accessories to Stage your home for sale. I help the sellers who will be living in their homes while their home is on the market. My professional services are for decluttering and streamlining spaces so potential buyers are thinking “I could definitely live here!” It’s a win-win for the buyer and the seller! The seller won’t have to take unwanted items into the new home.

Question: What does an Interior Designer do?

From my experience working with people who put their homes on the market, the Interior Designer will give you recommendations for painting, replacing carpet, and which furniture/artwork to keep in a room. The Interior Designer does not usually declutter and Streamline your overall home or storage spaces. They may tell you what to do, but don’t do it for or with you. I help you Streamline Your Home To Sell so you can live in it comfortably while your home is on the market. It will be easier to keep “show ready” + spaciousness is an important factor for buyers. Compete in the market place by proving to the potential new buyers that there’s plenty of space for them to live comfortably in this home. If your closets, cabinets, or rooms are a bit messy, cramped, too full, or overflowing…. it can BLOCK the buyers vision of an easier, relaxing lifestyle they want for their lives.