You’re entering the focus zone. Which means you’re ready to get things done!

An intensive is where you are concentrated on a specific topic or outcome during a short period time; it is very thorough or often vigorous. Melody hosts a productivity intensive to focus on to-do lists – especially as it pertains to paper work, business growth tasks, or office type work. You can work on other to-do items that may not administrative related. You’ll learn prioritizing techniques that can be used for any type of project.

In order to teach yourself how to be a disciplined, orderly thinker you must be willing to bring peace and order to your mind. Let’s take a week together to clear your mind and body by getting things done. The confidence, relief and happiness you receive will be a bonus.

Melody Granger

All action – big or small – creates progress. But, inspired action is the most powerful of all.

If you do well when you are around other fun, happy, positive people – regardless of what they need to accomplish – then you’ll love JumpStart Your Productivity Intensive. It’s a virtual group program where we meet each morning for 8 to 20 minutes, then get into action with a Power Hour. Then, as you can throughout the day, you keep taking action. I’ll be guiding, celebrating and cheering for you the entire week!

You are invited to join me in the “JumpStart Your Productivity” 5 Day Intensive. It happens approximately every 6 weeks (around school / holidays) thru the months of October to April.

Review the dates below to Select and Reserve A Spot to participate in the next session…

You’ll be taken thru a process where you are:

Prioritizing in a way that gives you immediate relief + exciting energy.

Repeating a 5 Step Daily Process that takes 22 minutes.

Increasing your focus for more accomplishments in less time.

Creating positive momentum that you’ll be so proud of!!

Making decisions more quickly.

Finding solutions to problems that have evaded you up until now.

The 2020-2021 “JumpStart Your Productivity” 5 Day Intensive sessions start:

October 4th – 10th (Sunday & Saturday are fun days!)

November 15th – 21st (Sunday & Saturday are fun days!)

January 10th – 16th (this is a tentative date; the alternative is to start January 3rd)

February 21st – 27th (Sunday & Saturday are fun days!)

April 11th – 17th (Sunday & Saturday are fun days!)

The “Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month” tuition is $197 when paid in full OR two payments of $99, if preferred, 30 days apart.

*Daily JumpStart Calls are at 10:30am Central. You’ll receive the phone number and code after your registration is complete.

*Recordings will be made available for those needing to start later in the day/evening.

*The group area will be open 24/7. I’ll be in the group area leading by example and sharing my own accomplishments, too. (Yes, I practice these high productivity techniques – because they are highly effective.) You are not required to be in the group area, but definitely encouraged.

Are you ready to get more done in one week than you have all month??? If you’re saying “Yes! Yes! YESSS!!” I can’t hardly wait to see you there!

Email me with questions, what you’re really excited about doing/changing in your life, and the kinds of things you want/need to accomplish to make that happen. A simple hello could lead to a million things! I’ll let you know if spots are open, get you registered once you’re approved, and get you set up in my system so you receive all the details you’ll need to Get A LOT OF THINGS Done!

You also have the option to purchase the JumpStart Your Productivity e-book (PDF version to read on phone, tablet or computer) if you prefer to get started on your own right now. You’ll learn the methods and techniques I practice and teach, that can get you increased results FAST. If you prefer the energy, enthusiasm and excitement from being around other motivated people, you’ll most likely gain tremendous benefits from participating inside the LIVE week-long daily productivity coaching sessions I’ve described earlier. It’s fun!