At the core of what it means to live a Streamlined Lifestyle, it’s all about living within the boundaries of each storage space you have.

For example:

The larger your home, the more storage space you will have to work with – and its much easier to live within your storage space boundaries. A pantry may be 3 times the size of someone who lives in a smaller home.

To boundary up – which prevents toxic clutter overwhelming your space – is to pare down pantry items to fit neatly and comfortably within that amount of pantry space.

How to Boundary Up:

Homes are predesigned to provide specific rooms for specific activities, like, a kitchen is for kitchen items. A clothing closet is for dressing items. A linen closet is for linen (or games, or gifts; you get to choose what you’d prefer in the space!)

In order to “boundary up” you’ll want to as closely as possible arrange and store items within the area of the home you’ll use them. Once that space is full, that’s it. So, if you have more dishes than you have space for the dishes, then pass on the least used items.

Empty the cabinets; clean shelving, drawers, storage racks.

Find your absolute favorites, most used, and definite keeper items.

Begin arranging them into your storage space.

Once you’ve reached a point where the items fit nicely and are easy to get to, then pause.

Next, look at items you have left and make decisions on what can definitely go.

Once those items are set aside, look at what’s left again.

Select a few more items that you want to keep, and find a home for them in this same space.

If you are having a hard time fitting the items in a neat way, then this is where you get to strengthen you “boundary up” skills.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of, or say “enough is enough”, and I’ll be better off without the excess items that are causing me more difficulty than ease in life.

If there are still some items that you don’t have comfortable space to store, but you need time to detach from the reasons you want to keep them, then box them up in a container and place them in an out of the way location. In a month, a year, or 5 years, you may be able to “boundary up” at a higher level and pass them on. You may just need the proof that life is going to be okay, and maybe you’ll begin noticing its’ easier to enjoy life with more space and less stuff to take care of.

Best of luck!