do any of these sound true for you?

Closing on your new home is contingent on selling the current home that you live in. Or maybe it’s not contingent, but you want every advantage to get your home SOLD before your move.

Perhaps you’ve invested great time, effort and money preparing your home to put on the market. You want to be highly competitive for your home-market-value-category, so you’ll go this extra mile to make sure it’s “Show Ready!”

You may have concerns about your home sitting on the market too long – risking price reductions; increased marketing costs; or not selling at all. Compete for your buyer by selling them on The Streamlined Lifestyle.™

significantly increasing the potential for your home to sale doesn't have to be costly.

I hear these type of statements from sellers...

“my realtor will be coming for an initial viewing with a designer to tell me what furniture stays, and the things to do before putting my home on the market in one month”

“i’ve been watching you tube videos on how to stage, i have questions about things in my house to keep or remove”

“my realtor will be here in 2 days to take photos and I’m not ready”

“my realtor said to remove all personal photos”

“my realtor said to declutter and pre-pack items, and that it’s okay to keep the boxes in the garage, but not inside the house”

“i read that adding fresh flowers and the “baking cookies” scent gives buyers a pleasant sensory experience”

“buying my new home is contingent on selling this home first!”

“i need to clean out, I don’t want to take all this stuff into my new home”

“my realtor said my neighborhood is a hot market right now”

“a realtor said my neighborhood has hit its peak and to get out now to recoup my investment and receive the highest profit margin”

“i don’t think my realtor is doing enough to sale my home, I don’t see the marketing efforts”

“my home has been on the market for over 6 months, I moved out thinking it would sale faster and I hired a Stager. It’s been ANOTHER 6 months and it still hasn’t sold. I’m moving back in…”

“my new home may not be completed before putting this home on the market. We want to wait to put out house on the market until we are able to move out. I’ll probably stage it once we move out.

if your home needs to sale, become the competition using streamlining strategies

Welcome to Streamlining Strategies to Sell Your Home.

Hello, I’m Melody Granger. I sold my first home within 24 hours.

I sold my second home within 2 weeks. Then I started helping private clients prep their homes to sale. And, I work exclusively with a National Relocation Company to help their corporate clients transfer high level associates to new locations. I can’t make promises, but I can guide you on the methods I use to prep a home to sale.

The goal is to have the buyer thinking “I could definitely live here!”

You sell your home, I’ll help you sell your space.

How do you feel about getting access to “The Interview” I take new clients thru, before figuring out the steps we’ll take to Streamline Their Home TO SALE ???  It’s yours!


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