When you browse magazines from the grocery store, watch celebrity Professional Organizers, or see those beautiful images online… YOU GET INSPIRED.

Organizing looks SO SIMPLE, right?

But, do your results fall flat?

If you’re nodding your head… I know, I know… it is soooo disappointing!?!

(Actually, you probably do well interior designing – if you have you ever received compliments on the presence of your home, then you have an eye for design!) 

The good news is that you can get professional organizing results when you know the rules of organizing.

Want to learn a few professional organizing rules right now?

Rule #1:  Matchy, matchy.

Matching containers create a visually pleasing aesthetic appearance.

It’s really no different than a stack of beautiful matching towels vs. mismatched random towels folded on a shelf.

Go check out some organzing before and afters right now… you’ll see the difference.

Rule #2: Room to reach inside.

Probably one of the most overlooked “rules” to not only organize, but to STAY organized is using containers in a space that you can actually get into very easily.

You need space to reach into the container without removing it from the shelf.

But, that’s not the only rule you have to follow when it comes to making the containers work easily for you… there also has to be enough room for you to put the item away.

 What ever size items you are storing in that container also needs the correct spacing above it to place the item into.

Need an example?

A basket of underclothing on a shelf will need enough space above it to easily drop items inside – without you having to remove the container.

So, if your container is touching the shelf above it, it’s not effective.  In fact, it will be frustrating.

Bye bye good intentions to be organized!

If you can’t put everyday type items away with one hand, assuming it’s not heavy, then you may not have the best solution in place.

This next tip is the mother of ALL tips you don’t want to ignore.

Rule #3: Wiggle room inside container.

Why? Because it’s THE RULE that will separate you (yes YOU, not your neighbor with the perfect house – we’re not into perfection) into the category of living The Streamlined Lifestyle vs ALWAYS FREAKING CLEANING.

(You’ll still have to clean, but I promise, it will be so much faster and easier if you follow these rules.)

Once that container (or closet!) is near full, that’s it.  

You want to be able to wiggle the items inside. If it’s too tight, it will be frustrating.

The rest of the items get donated.


Yes, donate. You’re going to have to make some major decisions on what you keep.

Let me recap: #1. Matchy, matchy containers. #2 Have enough space for your hands/item to be placed into the container – without having to remove the container. #3. Have some wiggle room inside the container.

Pssst, if you’re the type of person who wants all your undies folded in a straight line, then go for it, but I don’t teach people how to fold panties – just toss your absolute favorites into the the container!  😉