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If you are living in your home and considering putting your home on the market, or if it’s already on the market, you probably need it to sale (quickly!). This guide will give you the exact formula for streamlining your home in a way that has the buyer genuinely thinking “I could definitely live here!” when they step thru the front door, and begin meandering to check out cabinets, closets and general storage areas. You’ll also learn what to pre-pack, plus the quickest way to tidy + clean-up, so your home is “show ready” even when you barely have notice at all. Pre-order now or scroll down to learn more.

do any of these sound like you?

Closing on your new home is contingent on selling the current home that you live in.

Perhaps you’ve spent great time, effort and money preparing your home to put on the market. You want to be highly competitive for your home-market-value-category …without spending a lot more money.

Or maybe you have been concerned about the possibility of your home sitting on the market – risking price reductions; increased marketing costs; or not selling at all. 

significantly increasing the potential for your home to sale doesn't have to cost more.

take a minute to imagine

what a new homeowner is seeing, feeling, thinking...
when they cross the threshold of their potential new home

Will they CONFIDENTLY be able to imagine themselves having a happy, productive, easy life living here?

Will they genuinely BELIEVE they have plenty of space to thrive? 

Will they be INSPIRED with organizational ideas for themselves – that they can use in ANY HOME they purchase? This is a key element of what I’ll teach you, and there’s a reason WHY, which I explain in the “Streamline Your Home to Sale” Guide.

Your new competitive edge is to genuinely inspire the buyer that they can live a lighter, brighter, easier way of life - specifically, living the streamlined lifestyle... in your home that is for sale!
introducing the Guide to...

streamline your home to sale

Computer Access to Guide to Get Your Home Ready to Sale
Consider this your "home sold" sign.
curious about the content?

here's what we'll cover

section 1

what to declutter & pre-pack

You’ll want to get a jumpstart on cleaning out your belongings, and deciding what stays or goes.  If you are certain your home is going on the market, and that you will be moving, then   either yourself or a packing company will pack your things. Either way, there are PLENTY of items you can pre-pack or donate now to confidently show your home to sale. 

section 2

the proprietary formula

It’s time to clean out and streamline your closets, cabinets and general storage areas.

You’ll learn THE formula I use on ALL storage areas, plus the do’s and don’ts of storage spaces that can affect the buyers final decision. You’ll need a measuring tape!

We’ll also cover creating walk flows, as well as how to CALMLY & QUICKLY tidy before scheduled or last-minute “spontaneous” showings.


section 3

streamlined home sales flyer

Depending on if you are “For Sale By Owner”, and how fast you want or need your home to sale, you may want to make a concentrated effort to market, market, market. 

Words with descriptions that intrigue curiosity  and special features can capture attention + increase the SPEED of the buyer wanting to tour your home ASAP. Home buyers are shopping many homes! Entice them to come knocking.

You’ll learn some home industry words +  how to turn something like a rolling closet rack into a laundry studio closet feature. 


I hear these type of statements from sellers...

“my realtor said to remove all personal photos”

“my realtor said to declutter and pre-pack items, and that it’s okay to keep the boxes in the garage, but not inside the house”

“i read that adding fresh flowers and the “baking cookies” scent gives buyers a pleasant sensory experience”

“buying my new home is contingent on selling this home first!”

“i need to clean out, I don’t want to take all this stuff into my new home”

“my realtor said my neighborhood is a hot market right now”

“a realtor said my neighborhood has hit its peak and to get out now to recoup my investment and receive the highest profit margin”

“i don’t think my realtor is doing enough to sale my home, I don’t see the marketing efforts”

“my home has been on the market for over 6 months, I moved out thinking it would sale faster and I hired a Stager. It’s been ANOTHER 6 months and it still hasn’t sold. I’m moving back in…”

if your home needs to sale, get in the competition using streamlining strategies

You can live in your home while it’s on the market. I’ll give you guidance specifically tailored to inspire the qualified, serious buyers so your home is memorable to them. This isn’t your average Staging advice used for selling an empty home.


This guide has saved me so much time and I’m way more confident about showing my home. I finally know exactly what I should be packing to prepare my home to sale, how to set up storage spaces and what to include on my sales flyer to encourage buyers to schedule a showing, and I’m using organizing ideas I would have never thought of on my own. I would recommend this to anyone who is overwhelmed with the entire “prepping your home to sale” process. I don’t want to move out now that my home is so streamlined! 

Selling “The Streamlined Lifestyle” is a game changer. Thanks for allowing me be a part of the preview stage, Melody.

I’m sold on my own home.

- J.J. -

here's what you can expect

when you invest in the "Streamline Your Home to Sale" Guide
get started

 Immediately upon release, in Mid to Late September, you’ll be notified via email that your guide is ready!

In that email, you will click the link provided and immediately begin implementing the Streamline Your Home to Sale Strategies… so you are creating “The Streamlined Lifestyle” your buyer deeply desires.

You can print the guide or review each section directly from your laptop, tablet or phone.

create your plan

You can start any where you want in your home. Simply apply the advice and directions I share with you.

You’ve got this!

You can reach out to me directly AT ANY TIME to ask questions or share your progress.

I love hearing from you. 

In fact, I insist you at least say “hello!”



lightbulb moments

You may discover some organizational advice that you can use in your new home!

The Streamlined Lifestyle isn’t just to inspire potential buyers to say “I can definitely see myself living here!”, it’s a lighter, brighter, easier way of life for you, too – especially while your home is on the market.

Be prepared to get addicted to “The Streamlined Lifestyle”. When you’ve made significant progress, you may begin wondering why you held on to so much stuff for SO LONG. 

about the lady behind the scenes

hi, I'm melody granger.

I sold my first home within 24 hours. Lucky? Maybe.

I sold my second home within 2 weeks. Lucky? Possibly.

My clients home sold within 3 weeks. Lucky? Perhaps.

As a child I was known to lock all my siblings out of the house so I could clean.  Life is just better when there is plenty of space to to be calm and sane.  When my children were toddlers we moved away from our hometown, and I really wanted the flexibility to drive to visit family + I wanted to be home more (not all day, everyday!) to be with my children.  So, I left the medical field and entered the home industry field.  

For over 10+ years as a Streamlining Strategist, I’ve been called many things… professional organizer, spatial expert, “Get It Done!” master, non-judgmental professional, thoughtful organizer, and more.  There’s one thing I will profess for as long as I live… your home has so much influence over how you interact with life! 

I’ve had the honor to work with entrepreneurs, in the offices of plants, with the housewives of Beverly Hills (just kidding! but I have worked with lovely women who are entering a phase of life with no children, and more.  My client list is too large to list every situation!  They rave about the visual results, nervous system relief…ahhh…less anxiety, higher productivity, making more + saving more, feeling in real control – sometimes for the first time ever!, freedom to move forward on other life dreams/goals, improved self-care and genuinely higher confidence. 

Just like you want a lighter, brighter, easier… and oh-So-YOU! home + life, so does your potential new homeowner. That’s why I’m going to guide you to hook them with The Streamlined Lifestyle that your home can give them! Let’s get your home sold.

A bit about how I entered the Real Estate Industry:

In previous years, I was discouraged that I had such a tough time getting my foot in the door of the Real Estate Industry. Agents wanted services for themselves… and I wanted to be of service to their home seller clients. 

THEN years later, something AH-MAZING happened that lit me up.

Private clients who I’ve worked with previously began requesting my help to prep their homes to sale. I was absolutely THERE for them. I LOVE PREPPING A HOME FOR SALE. It’s good old fashion work that’s worth the effort for the Return On Investment they could receive. You better believe I was looking out for them.

THEN, something else INCREDIBLY EXCITING for me happened…that lit me up… 


I was contacted by a National Relocation Company requesting my services for their corporate clients who were transferring upper level associates to new company locations. What do you think I said? I’m IN. Yes!

You see, corporate companies know the value of their associates selling their homes as quick as possible, purchasing a new one, and getting them settled into their new city. They invest in the process of moving so everyone has a win-win-win situation, with as little stress as possible. When I contact the homeowner I give them one statement to relieve their stress… I tell them, whatever is needed, I will “MAKE IT HAPPEN.”  I have been known to pull up with a UHAUL…just to Streamline Their Homes, and take away donations (aka clutter they don’t want or need going into their new home.)

After 10+ years privately serving my clientele, creating guides, leading online group programs, and speaking via interviews, podcasts, articles, media, etc.  I’ve spent the last several years primarily behind the scenes helping homeowners declutter for the move and prepping their homes to put on the market. Whether they have a TON of personal belongings to go thru or are already fairly streamlined, it’s some work.

So, far too many years into my career, I thought… instead of going thru Realtors, why not market directly to YOU… the homeowner. Why? So you can MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION on whether you want to invest in the “Streamline Your Home to Sale” Strategy that has the potential to increase your home’s perceived value + decrease the time it’s on the market… lowering the risk of price reductions! Realtors can send clients here too, for an extra resource + it’s so inexpensive it won’t break the bank… and absolutely possible to generously put money in the bank…faster!

I can’t guarantee your home will sale, or sale faster, and I don’t. But, imagine if implementing “The Streamline Your Home to Sale” strategies in this guide is the thing you did that gave you the competitive edge to get the sale? I promise you this, it will motivate you, spark ideas, and give you some insight into what to look for in your next new home.

And, if your home sales within 24 hours, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks … we’ll call it luck. (Being prepared to confidently compete in the market will have NOTHING to do with your results. Right? Probably wrong!) 

Can’t wait to see what decision YOU make – now that you know about this guide to prep your home for sale!


P.S. I’m no stranger to moving, buying or selling a home. I’ve done it more times than I can count for myself and with clients. You’re in excellent hands. In fact, my clients LOVE how approachable I am to get guidance + questions answered. I’ll be that way with you too! Send questions to admin @ TheStreamlinedLifestyle (dot) com.

are you ready to "streamline your home to sale"?

How to get your home ready to sale

I haven’t decided if I’ll do “For Sale By Owner” or hire a Real Estate Agent.  Will this guide be the same type of information an agent helps me with?

This is a SMART question. Many Real Estate Agents are going to give you advice on what to do to make the best impression and get the highest return on your investment. They may say “declutter, declutter, declutter.” 

You may be referred to a “Staging” service, if you move and show an empty home. 

However, if you are still living in the home, the agent doesn’t usually explain the process of decluttering. Basically, you may be told what to do, but not HOW to do it.

I’m the “HOW” to-get-it-done person that gets hired by Corporate Companies specifically for prepping homes for sale and to get their relocating associates prepped to move, so the Real Estate Agent can get it listed… and get it sold ASAP!  

I’ll be moving out before my home goes on the market. Would this be an asset for me before I move out?

Hi!  Yes, it can be an INCREDIBLE asset for you because you can use the pre-pack section – which will cover decluttering items that you don’t want to take into your new home. You can save on shipping/moving costs by implementing just that one section. Also, you may discover some organizational advice you’ll enjoy for your new home!


If I want your personal professional services, one on one, are you offering a way to work with you privately?

Hello! Yes, I’m happy to provide 1-on-1 help via LIVE video sessions if you have access to FaceTime, Skype or possibly FaceBook video chat in messenger. Send me an email for more info and to check availability!

I’m helping a family member downsize and prepare their home for sale. How helpful will this be for someone who has a clean home, but a lot of stuff – not a hoarder – but random beautiful artwork and decorations hanging on the walls?

If the family member isn’t cooperative in removing excess that causes “stuffiness” in a home, your efforts won’t go far. You work on the family member and I’ll guide YOU on the process to create the look and feel of “The Streamlined Lifestyle” that a new homeowner can literally “see themselves living in”.  This includes cleaning out excess items on walls!


I already have my home on the market. Can I send you the listing link with the photos being shown and you give me feedback?

I have literally scoured listings and can barely hold myself back from contacting the homeowner of a home I can see obvious ways to create a more open, spacious, streamlined environment! I’d be happy to do a consult on your listing photos, but if you need help in areas I can’t see I recommend scheduling a LIVE video session. You can contact me here: 

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