There was an old lady who lived in a shoe – except it was a real house. In fact, it was more like a mansion.

She loved hosting holiday events.

She had a housekeeper, landscaper and other assistants to help her keep her home and life maintained.

On occasion she had some grand babies toddling around.

But, one day, she was really tired and just wanted to dream of playing tennis and vacationing in her other 2 homes. Honestly, she just wanted to get away – like an escape.  She had done an amazing job with her family and community.  

She requested my services because she was also remodeling one last time before retirement.

The amount of items that came out of her cabinets and closets were INSANE.

Her husband was a super busy guy, and didn’t like to make decisions. It was left up to her.  

But, this stuff… oh. my. goodness… it created a big, gigantic, monster of a mess in the rest of the house.  

I assure you, she wasn’t opening the door to any visitors that may have spontaneously came a knocking!

Can you relate?

Overwhelming was an understatement.

Sooooo, I asked her one question. (It’s the first question I’ll ask you, too!)

What activities do you no longer want to do?

– No more elaborate events. (Out go the party ware & half her party room pantry!)

– No more redecorating (out go the extra window treatments, artwork, pretty little pillows, and seasonal comforter sets)

-No more elaborate holiday decorating (that takes care of the majority of items in the unfinished bonus room – aka the walk-in attic)

Okay, really, all she wanted was a simple life – especially for herself.  


No more elaborate focus on entertaining others. Now that the excess items were removed, the complexity of organizing was removed. Time to easily organize the keepers.